Recommended Resources

Books about Queer Issues in Education

DePalma, R., & Atkinson, E. (Eds.). (2009). Interrogating heteronormativity in primary schools: The No Outsiders Project. Oakhill, VA: Trentham.

Epstein, D. (Ed.). (1994). Challenging lesbian and gay inequalities in education. Buckingham, UK: Open University Press.

Larrabee, T. G., & Morehead, P. (2010). Broadening views of social justice and teacher leadership: Addressing LGB issues in teacher education. Issues in Teacher Education, 19(2), 37-52.

Sadowski, M. (2010). Setting LGBTQ issues within wider frameworks for pre-service educators. Issues in Teacher Education, 19(2), 53-63.

Articles about Queer Issues in Education

Athanases, S. Z., & Larrabee, T. G. (2003). Toward a consistent stance in teaching for equity: Learning to advocate for lesbian- and gay-identified youth. Teaching and Teacher Education, 19, 237-261.

Cahill, B., & Adams, E. (1997). An exploratory study of early childhood teachers’ attitudes toward gender roles. Sex Roles, 36(7/8), 517-529.

Grossman, A. H., Haney, A. P., Edwards, P., Alessi, E. J., Ardon, M., & Howell, T. J. (2009). Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth talk about experiencing and coping with school violence: A qualitative study. Journal of LGBT Youth, 6, 24-46.

Hermann-Wilmarth, J. M., & Bills, P. (2010). Identity shifts: Queering teacher education research. The Teacher Educator, 45, 257-272.


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