Activities and Materials

Spectrum of Visibility
A Spectrum of Visibility helped the CI LGBTQ Task Force prioritize initiatives. This document served as an activity of sorts that catapulted important dialogue and helped the task force, and then faculty, join in the conversation. By discussing (and sometimes disagreeing about) which actions should be plotted where on the continuum, faculty revealed current levels of understandings and personal assumptions around queerness, oppression, and advocacy. This helped us develop a shared knowledge bank and vocabulary.

Queering Teacher Ed. Annotated Bibliography
A starting point for the CI LGBTQ Task Force to gain insight into what teacher preparation programs around the country were doing to infuse queer content into their programs.  

Faculty Responses to Raising the “Queer” Issue
An initial activity the CI LGBTQ Task Force facilitated with faculty to raise awareness of queer issues within our department.

Resources for drafting and operationalizing an LGBTQ/Queer Resolution Statement:
Handout to Guide Resolution Statement Brainstorm
Example School District Resolution Statement
Action Grid Faculty Responses

The CI LGBTQ Task Force Presented to the faculty in the Graduate School of Education (GSE). The task force asked GSE faculty how queer issues surface in their work/department. Below is the handout we used to elicit information and guide discussion, as well as faculty responses that were coded into the following categories: Already address LGBTQ issues; personal reflection; LGBTQ issues related to larger educational issues; call for action; and doesn’t come up.
GSE Faculty Responses

The CI LGBTQ Task Force wanted to provide teacher educators with the library of resources that we had collected over a two year period, but we felt it was vital to first elicit and honor faculty knowledge. Below is the LGBTQ Curriculum handout faculty used to guide small group discussion as well as a synthesis of faculty responese.
LGBTQ Curriculum – Faculty Brainstorm
Faculty Responses

Transgender Focus Group:
Transgender Focus Group Questions
Transgender Focus Group Conversation – Suggestions about Website Content

CI LGBTQ Advocacy in K-12 Classrooms Course:
Intuitive Art Exercise Facilitation Notes
Oregon Laws that affect Schools and LGBT
Gender-Based Violence/Gender Binary Awareness Activity Lesson Plan and Materials:
Detailed Lesson Plan
Gender Binary Resource
Gender Photos




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