The Book

Book CoverMore than four million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender K-12 students currently receive an education in the United States. Even greater numbers of children and adolescents question their sexual orientation and present their gender in creative, fluid, and non-normative ways, yet most K-12 teachers are not adequately prepared to combat hetero- and cissexist practices in education. This book argues that teacher education is the place to address this tension. It explores the promise of queer-inclusive pedagogy and curriculum in teacher education by:

  • Offering a new molding of literature and an original queer inclusion in education framework.
  • Examining findings from two current research studies (how teacher candidates engage with queer phenomena in the field and how teacher educators queer their practice) and includes anecdotes of the paradoxical nature of personal identity in the teaching profession.
  • Providing curricular entry points and substantive activities and resources for faculty development and teacher educator use in a queer-inclusive classroom.

This thoughtful book will prove helpful to those engaged in all levels of education–from elementary school teachers to university faculty–who want to interrupt hetero- and cisnormativity.


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