Recommended Resources

Further Reading

Letts, W. J. (2002). Revisioning multiculturalism in teacher education: Isn’t it queer? In R. M. Kissen (Ed.), Getting ready for Benjamin: Preparing teachers for sexual diversity in the classroom (pp. 119-131). Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

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Sumara, D., & Davis, B. (1999). Interrupting heteronormativity: Toward a queer curriculum theory. Curriculum Inquiry, (29)2, 191-208.

Recommended Film/Audio and Corresponding Curriculum Guides



National Public Radio. (Producer). (2009, February 13). Tom Girls [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

New York Times. (Producer). (2007, July 5). Talking about the It Gets Better Project [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Welcoming Schools.


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