Activities and Assignments

Chapter 8 of Queer Inclusion in Teacher Education explores multi-leveled curricular entry points for teacher educators to infuse queer content and pedagogy into their coursework. Below are activity ideas and facilitation guides to support rich class discussions, critical assignments, and other vital learning opportunities around interrupting hetero- and cisnormativity.

Courses on Curriculum Design
The mission of Frameline is to change the world through the power of queer cinema. In 2008, Frameline Distribution launched Youth in Motion, a program that provides free LGBT-themed films and curriculum resources to California Gay-Straight Alliances.

The mission of Groundspark is to create visionary films and educational campaigns that move individuals and communities to take action for a more just world.

Welcoming Schools offers What Do You Know? Six to Twelve Year-olds Talk about Gays and Lesbians a short documentary and facilitation guide discussing what youth know about gay men and lesbians, what they hear at school, and what they’d like teachers to do.

NPR’s This American Life, Act II: Tom Girls. Lilly and Thomasina are 8 year old transgender females. Producer Mary Beth Kirchner tells their story.  (17 minutes). Sorry, this audio clip is no longer available online.

New York Times’s podcast: Talking about the It Gets Better Project

Heterosexual Privilege
Cis Privilege
Link to another Cisgender Privilege Checklist

Four Corners Activity:
4 Corners Facilitation Guide
Value Statement Questionnaire

Curriculum Analysis: Curriculum Analysis
A Tool for Interrogating Messages about Sexual Orientation and Gender

LGBTQ Timeline Activity:
An activity that authenticates the voices of youth and adolescents and provides teacher educators and teacher candidates with curricular entry points for teaching about gender and sexual orientation in K-12 education.
LGBTQ Timeline Activity Lesson Plan
Personal Stories & Teaching Points

Welcoming Schools Resources on Family Diversity:
What is a Family Lesson Plan
Bibliography of Children’s Literature Highlighting Family Diversity

The Simpson’s Homer’s Phobia Resources:
Watch Episode: Homer’s Phobia
Article Citation:
Padva, G. (2008). Educating the Simpsons: Teaching queer representations in contemporary visual media. Journal of LGBT Youth, 5(3), 57-73.

Courses on Classroom Management
Interrupting Hateful Language Handout
Interruption Scenarios

Subject-Based Methods Courses
Math: Gay, lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) National School Climate Survey

Science: Queer Scientists

Literacy: “Queer” children’s literature bibliography. Teacher candidates working with older students (middle, high school, or post-secondary) can be encouraged to browse the “GLBT” genre of Good Reads.

Social Studies: Learning For Justice (Teaching Tolerance) offers a four-lesson series called “The role of gay men and lesbians in civil rights movement

Culture and Art: Tableaux Handout

Courses focused on Equity, Social Justice, and Culturally Relevant Practice
Sociodrama Description and Rubric
Queer-Themed Sociodrama Cases

Field-Based Practicum and Student Teaching
Field Observation and Report
Critical Incident Journaling
Critical Conversations – Interview Questions


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